Snuggle Nests, Bather, and Potty by Baby Delight

Getting some quality snuggle time with your baby is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

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About Baby Delight

Faced with constantly hauling around a big, round, plastic exersaucer everywhere she traveled, Kristi needed to find a better way of going places kids, even if it was just for a nice dinner at the neighbor’s house. You know those exersaucers, the ones that don’t fit through the door and crumbs and toys fall everywhere when you tilt it on its side to get through a doorway. After Kristi's forth was born, she was inspired to design something that would make life simpler. She began to sketch out a portable, light-weight “parking spot” for her baby that she could take anywhere. After many renditions and lots of feedback, the Go With Me Chair was conceived and now she has the perfect place for her baby (and big kids) wherever she goes. It’s great for the soccer field, the beach, grandma’s house, the backyard, TV room or kitchen. If you like to keep organized the chair packs up easily into a bag and can be stored in a closet or underneath a bed. The Go With Me Chair is a portable camp-style chair that weighs only about 7 pounds and was designed to safely seat an infant (about 3-months old) using the adjustable 5-point harness and grows with your child until school aged (about 8-years old or 75 pounds). The Chair is one of the only baby gear products on the market designed to last 8+ years.

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