Wean Green Eco-Friendly Glass Containers

Drop-proof, leakproof, and 5x stronger than normal glass!

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"I have a set of these and use them all the time. I used them for my baby when he started eating solids they were a great size. I also froze food that I made in them for future meals. Now that he is older and eating more I use the larger set for his food. And use these for snacks for my children. I love the colours that were chosen too, makes it easy for the children to grab their snacks. They are easy for my older children to open. They are durable since my baby loves to throw things! They are a little on the heavy side, but I am ok with that since they have been dropped and not broken."

"A friend turned me onto these and I'm hooked since I can freeze and not have to transfer to a glass bowl to put in the microwave. I have Thanksgiving left overs frozen for daycare - so nice knowing he's having a warm healthy lunch. Colours are great for meat vs vegetable." - Ann Marie Reimer

"I use these all the time. I cut up plums, pears or grapes for my 10 month old and we usually go the park and she snacks on these after some time on the swings. The rubber rim started to mold recently so I think I just need to do a more thorough job of taking out the rim, washing it and putting it in the dishwasher. They are a bit pricey but I do use them everyday so I think the cost has not been so bad. I like how durable they feel versus just some flimsy plastic tupperware." -Raspa

About Wean Green

Wean Green launched in 2009 because CEO & Founder, Melissa Gunning, was determined to find a small enough tempered glass food containers to freeze, store, reheat and serve the organic food she was serving her baby and first grader. This is where Wean Green's first container was born. Wean Green's eco-chic line of tempered glass food containers provides customers with colorful, environmentally conscious meals everywhere. The containers were all designed with style, convenience and travel ease in mind.

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