Miracle Blanket Swaddles + Swaddle Sets

The miracle blanket is the secret to a happy, well-rested baby, as well as a well-rested mom and dad.

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"The Miracle Blanket works great to help babies sleep. We've been using this swaddling blanket for my son for several weeks and it's convinced me to start recommending it to my patients and they love it. I will also be buying one for my nephew as a great shower gift." - Laura Ortiz, Pediatrician, Orlando, Florida

"My second grandaughter, Anna, loves her Miracle Blanket. The minute you place her on the blanket she relaxes and sleeps. Usually in just a few minutes she is fast asleep. This swaddler is wonderful. My daughter-in-law wishes we had found out about the Miracle Blanket when her first daughter was born. I tell everyone about it and am ordering two for shower gifts today. Thanks so much." - Sharman Booker

The Gift of Sleep

The Miracle Blanket® is a true swaddling blanket, successfully designed to mimic the womb in a way that nearly always triggers a dream-like serenity in a colicky, restless, crying baby immediately. The patented design combines all the subtle aspects of swaddling that help babies sleep longer and deeper while eliminating everything that might be problematic or not useful.

Why Parents Love the Miracle Blanket:

  • Stops or reduces fussiness. Helps baby sleep better, deeper and longer.
  • Makes breast feeding easier.
  • One size fits all from preemie up to four months.
  • Can't impede development of hips and knees. As baby grows, her legs extend beyond the tight portion of the wrap for free movement and joint development.
  • Made of 100% super-soft breathable cotton knit to avoid overheating.
  • Simplicity of design. No confusing folding. Easy to use - even in the dark!
  • Won't unravel during restless sleep.
  • No knots, buttons, straps, Velcro, snaps, zippers, etc.
  • Helps your baby sleep on their back. Washington University Journal of Pediatrics studies prove even stomach-sleeping babies will sleep more comfortably on their backs if properly swaddled.

About Miracle Blanket

An exhausted father’s frustration gave birth to the Miracle Blanket®—ecstatic customers named it after sleeping for the first time in weeks. Michael Gatten decided he wouldn’t settle for another colicky baby. Following exhaustive research, cutting, stitching and testing the design on his then four-week-old son, Michael created a simple and incredibly effective solution that greatly enhances the age-old technique of swaddling. Before he knew it, Good Housekeeping Magazine got a hold of his creation, gave it the coveted "Thumbs Up!" and the rest is history.

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