Raindrops Unisex Baby Diaper Covers

Moisture-wicking fabrics to keep baby dry and comfortable.

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Raindrops Diaper Cover Features

    • Diaper covers not only hide those unsightly diapers but this one is also moisture wicking and comfortable.
    • It is a very soft microsuede fabric with a slight fuzzy feel on the outside and features images that are dyed into the fabric that will not fade, crack or peel.
    • This moisture-wicking, super soft polyester fabric keeps a baby dry, cool and wrinkle free and it will always feel good against baby's delicate skin. 
    • Little spills come out easier and it retains less laundry detergent and any other chemicals when washing vs. cotton.
    • It is made here in America with soft elastic at the legs and waist and really provides for an easy on and off at changing time.
    • Fun unisex patterns

  • Moisture wicking microsuede fabric
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Made in USA


Are you ready to be a hands-on cloth diapering parent?

  • you would rather buy 50 cute cloth diapers than 5,000 throw-away diapers over the course of your child's diapering years
  • you'd like to save a few trees
  • you'd like to save a few bucks
  • you'd like to avoid diaper rashes and don't mind changing your baby's diaper as soon as they are wet
  • you prefer natural & organic fabrics on your baby over paper that's been chlorine bleached (dioxins), perfumed, and stuffed with "sodium polyacrylate gel beads"
  • you'd like your child to potty train early (a little-known cloth diapering benefit)
  • you don't want to add to the 18 billion paper diapers that are thrown into landfills each year (fact: they take 400-500 years to decompose!)
  • you aren't bothered by an additional 2-3 loads of laundry a week
  • you don't want to contaminate local groundwater by adding soiled paper diapers into landfills
  • you're looking for sustainable solutions because you care about the environmental impact of the products you use

About Raindrops

At Raindrops, we create the most happy, comfortable, hand-crafted baby gifts, accessories and clothing right here in our facility, right here in America. Our goal is to bring joy to Mom and comfort to baby by constantly creating new designs and discovering unique materials. Our in-house manufacturing processes range from vintage old-world sewing equipment to the latest high-tech printing and embroidery. We want to light up an expectant Mother's face at a baby shower and make Grandma smile seeing an embroidered bib that she relates to from her own children. At Raindrops, we are always dreaming up new gift baskets, new clothing fashions and new accessories to make those brief baby moments more magical. Our line focuses on soft cotton, velvety velour terry, supple fleeces and moisture wicking cozy knits, done in classic baby styles and modern bright looks sure to delight Moms and babies of all ages. For a special touch, personalization is also offered with very exclusive custom designs on body suits, t-shirts, diaper covers, bibs and more. Raindrops believes in letting babies be babies.....after all, they grow so fast, why not let them be little and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like playing in a summer rain puddle!

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