Tegu Magnetic Multi-Piece Block Sets

When a child plays their minds are opened to learn in new and exciting ways.

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"Tegu blocks are like an investment in your child's creativity and imagination. I love watching my son Jude pick up the different shapes, study the colors, and watch with amazement as they stick together, then pull apart. They are just so neat! I love how it's a toy he will continue to grow into and explore, and one that I can pull out for all the cousins and every age child loves playing with him. I mean let's face it, they are sort of my favorite toy. :) They are just pure awesome, and worth every penny!" -Kristen, Director of Merchandising

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What's inside?

At Tegu people ask us a lot of questions about our magnetic wooden blocks. But, the one question asked all the time is, “how do you get the magnets inside?”

What a great question! There is something magical about what’s inside a Tegu block. But, what people don’t always realize is that there is more than just a magnet locked inside. Nope, the magnet is only part of what we hide inside a Tegu magnetic block to make it…well…to make it so attractive.

So, what's inside?


We don’t see a difference between learning and playing. In fact, we believe that when a child plays their minds are opened to learn in new and exciting ways. So exciting, they don’t even know they are doing it!

How does playing with TEGU support a child's development over time?

“You can’t teach creativity; all you can do is let it blossom, and it blossoms in play.”


Psychologist and Research Professor at Boston College, and Author of Free to Learn (2013)



And that’s just what we’re doing. We established our fully independent toy factory outside Tegucigalpa to make a statement: we’re in Honduras by choice and we’re here to stay.



By paying our employees a living wage and prioritizing long-term career growth and development rather than simple task-based jobs, Tegu is bringing world-class employment standards to Central America.


When harvested responsibly, wood is the most sustainable material available. That's why we work with local Honduran cooperatives who individually hand pick each mature tree for use.



Investing love, sweat, and tears

The Shakers have a beautiful proverb:

“Do not make something unless it is both necessary & useful; but if it is both, do not hesitate to make it beautiful."
At Tegu we think this seems like a great way to think about what we make.

I'm Nate Lau, the head designer at Tegu! This means I'm in charge of all the products we develop, as well as making sure everything comes out looking beautiful.


One thing most people don't realize is that all our blocks are designed to work together. This was a unique challenge that was solved by crafting each block around a core module of 30mm. (By the way, the 30mm cube was the first piece we made!)



But just as important as designing the blocks to work together, we needed to make sure that the blocks work for the person playing with them! We looked at the size of a child's hand, as well as how they play with and hold the blocks, before we settled on each of our unique block shapes.

We design our blocks with purpose with the goal of creating the best building system out there.

About Tegu

In 2006, Tegu co-founder Chris Haughey returned from Honduras with a vision to create a for-profit business that would have a transforming effect on the lives of Hondurans. Four years later, not only has Tegu electrified the toy market with the introduction of its magnetic wooden blocks, but, in doing so, Chris and his brother Will have delivered on their commitment to make a lasting difference in Honduras and to its economy.

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