Motherlove- More Milk Two Herbal Extract

Boost breast milk naturally.

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*Product limit per customer: 2 units*

You may notice some herbal sediment inside and around the dropper. Shaking the bottle before use can help release some of the particles. Sediment in the dropper does not compromise the quality of the product.

There are many different causes of low breast milk supply, and not all herbs work for everyone. Please ensure you are working with a Lactation Consultant to identify the cause of any breast milk supply issues you may be experiencing.

Take 1 ml orally 4 times per day. For mothers over 175lbs, take 2 ml 3 times per day.

***NOT FOR RESALE*** Product expires 03/2020 Size: 2oz, 59ml Product limit per customer: 2 units

Special Features:

Boost breast milk supply for nursing mothers during pregnancy

About Motherlove

For over a generation, Motherlove Herbal Company has supported pregnancy, birth, baby, and breastfeeding with their line of organic herbal body care products and supplements to boost breast milk supply. Recommended by lactation consultants and healthcare providers, Motherlove is the trusted industry leader for safe and effective products, formulated to nurture both body and soul.

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