Personal Mini Air Conditioners & Heaters

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Special Features

Mini Portable Handheld Air Conditioner

Keep your cool on the go with this Mini Portable Handheld Air Conditioner. Simply soak the mini AC’s internal sponge in water, place in a freezer and place sponge into the fan for cool blowing air.
  • Convenient lanyard attachment allows you to hang the fan around your neck or wrist for easy use anywhere: outdoor concert, sporting event, hike, etc.
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery or USB cable
  • Available in Pink, Blue, and Black
  • Measures 4.3”x2.75”x0.8”

Desktop Portable USB Air Conditioner

Make any space the coolest place with this Desktop Portable USB Air Conditioner. Perfectly sized for your office, nightstand, coffee table or anywhere that needs some cooling off.
  • The compact unit emits a soothing ambient glow making it the perfect nighttime companion
  • Simply fill with water and this 6.7” cube emits cool air for hours
  • Great for dorm rooms
  • Convenient mini USB charging port

    Plug-in Wall Outlet Personal Heater

    Heat your favorite spaces while saving money on your heating bill with this Plug-in Wall Outlet Personal Heater!
  • Heats up fast while staying cool to the touch with dual heater and fan technology. . . Fits in any standard electric socket
  • Can heat up to 250 square feet, making it the perfect plug in heater for travel, offices, dorms, garages, workrooms and bedrooms
  • Digital temperature display and timer makes it easy to set and forget
  • This portable personal heater is powerful and small, making it the perfect heater for any space

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