Tummy Trimmer Denim

Where shapewear meets denim from the makers of Lilac.

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We hand-picked this because: every woman needs a pair of jeans that make her feel amazing, and shapely in all the right places. Tummy Trimmer Denim comes from the makers of Lilac, so we know it's great quality and an amazing fit.

If you thought the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants had magical jeans, then you’ve never witnessed Tummy Trimmer Denim in action. As you throw on a pair, you’ll wonder, "are the creators wizards or geniuses?" Our guess is that they are women that have faced universal pants-wearing woes — muffin tops, ill-fitting jeans, and the hassle of an extra layer of shapewear — and overcame them with a brilliant design. This shapewear denim line is made with an attached compression panel that slims the midsection instantly, trimming the waistline by 1” – 2”. Tummy Trimmer gives women with feminine bodies a fabulous pair of jeans that flatter the curves they love while concealing the curves they don’t.



"I can't say enough good things about these jeans. I will be buying several pairs! I feel like I have a new wardrobe. I'm comfortable wearing all the more form-fitting shirts that have been hiding in the back of my closet since all the lumps and bumps with my traditional jeans are gone. The tummy panel is firm, but comfortable and it doesn't stretch out, slide down, or roll - it stays put. You also can't see the panel under your clothes and it's a bonus that when you bend over, people don't see more than they bargained for! What I love most is how four girls with very different body types all tried and love these jeans. These are for everyone!" - Kristen


"I’ve always dreamed of a fairy godmother. One that would dress me in clothes that made me look and feel fantastic. When I first pulled on my bootcut Tummy Trimmer Denim that was it; fairy godmother get in line, you’re no longer needed! These amazing jeans were snug in all the right places, and trimmed up the problem areas that plague me in a snap! No saggy bums, bulgy lumps or muffin tops in sight. I instantly felt slimmer, smaller, and sexier. These pants are magical, and worth every penny. Take it from me; I plan to buy a closet full… you should too. They are that amazing." - Kerianne


"Tummy Trimmer denim might just change my life. I am a victim of jeans that won't stay up...and a constant muffin top if they do. These solve both problems! They stay put, no muffin top...and they are comfortable as can be too! These are definitely my new favorite jeans. From skinny to bootcut, they fit well and make me feel like a million bucks. The tummy trimmer is comfortable and amazing, the jeans are soft and stretchy, and I am in love. They are perfection in jean form." - Jessica


"These jeans are seriously amazing! I love that they are so ridiculously comfortable while making your waist, butt, and legs look like WHOA! Just what every girl needs, right? Great for post partum (even if post partum was a couple years ago...haha!) " - Angie


About Tummy Trimmer Denim

Instantly measure 1”-2” smaller just by putting on your favorite jeans! Tummy Trimmer Denim features a control top compression panel that brings your two favorite things together…shapewear and stretch denim. No more being heavily burdened with layering to smooth out and eliminate unwanted bulges, no more uncomfortable panty lines. Find your perfect fit with TTD, no matter your shape or size.

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