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Whether it’s for a toddler snack, your child's lunchbox (or your lunchbox!), sports practice, travel or hiking, these reusable super snackers not only save the earth but your wallet! Easily fill them with baby food, soup, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, and more wholesome foods for healthy snacks on-the-go. This kit includes eight adorably designed Squooshi reusable food pouches, four white replacement caps, two ChooMee Sip'n soft tops, and fifty content & date labels sure to make even picky eaters smile. Includes: ° A perfect selection of adorably designed, reusable food pouches, in one handy size. For baby food, toddler snacks and kids of all ages. Package includes one Lion, one Koala, one Pig, one Panda, one Monkey, and one Penguin, plus 2 Bonus pouches, one small bird, and one small lion. ° Capacity: up to 6 fl oz (170mL) ° Includes: 6 large pouches and 2 small pouches ° Squooshi Dissolvable Content & Date Labels: A pack of 50 labels, in Squooshi purple, allow you to easily label the content and date of your pouch purees. Our labels are designed to dissolve easily while you are washing by hand or in the dishwasher. You'll never forget what you filled your pouches with when you use our labels! ° Sip'n Soft tops: Two Sip'n silicone soft tops by Choomee. Sip'n tops are the only soft top available that have a flow control valve and cap making this the perfect soft top for transitioning your baby to solid foods. Even your older kids will love these soft tops in bright colors that make sipping smoothies, even more fun, and no spills! Special Features: ° Perfect Size & Shape - Most similar to store bought pouches with a top spout and curved shape which is natural in a child’s hand. ° Durable & Long Lasting – 1 Year Guarantee. These pouches are leak proof and made to last. If you find your pouch has a fault within a year of purchase, we’ll happily replace it. ° Healthy Capacity – Let's you maintain portion control for babies starting solids. The large pouch holds up to 6 oz. allowing you to decide how much nourishment your kids receive. ° Easy to fill - Wide bottom opening allows a direct spoon or pour. No funnels or accessories needed. ° Easiest pouch to clean and dry - Bottom zipper & rounded shape allows for a complete rinse of water to stream through the pouch. Bottom zipper allows for the pouch to be fully opened to air dry. Air can completely dry interior of the pouch, unlike top zipper pouches which can grow mold. ° Freezer Safe - Store & Serve from the same container. Doubles as an adorable boo boo pack or lunch box freezer pack! ° Dishwasher Safe - Rinse after use and place in the top rack ° Safe for Baby - Features a no-choke cap, small size, curved shape, upright, easy for little hands to hold and squeeze. ° Compatible - With most silicone soft caps, spoon attachments and filling stations. ° Non-Toxic - BPA, Lead, Phthalate & PVC free ° FAA / TSA compliant—approved for airplane travel ° Perfect for all ages. Babies & Kids love the animal series while older kids and adults on the go like the G.O. pouches. ° Reusable, refillable, convenient, affordable, adorable, and fun! ° Promotes healthy eating habits from the start, reduces waste, and saves money ° Perfect for babies 4+ months – Introduce your baby to healthy solids with our 2.5 oz pouches. Mix doctor approved fruits and veggies with breast milk in your pouch for optimum health. ° Toddlers – Introduce a variety of green vegetables blended with fruit & grain in steamed or raw form for a nutritional blast! The more greens your tots eat, the better on track they are for healthy choices later. ° Big kids & beyond – Older kids love these pouches filled with homemade applesauce, yogurt, and frozen smoothies. Put one in the lunchbox which will double as an ice pack or take one with you on a walk or bike ride. ° Eco-Friendly - No more throw away food pouches piling up in landfills and contributing to air pollution. Squooshi reusable food pouches save energy: empty pouches require a lot less fuel for shipping and most pre-packaged food travels over 1,200 miles before it reaches your table. ° Affordable - Squooshi reusable food pouches save you money on your food bills: pre-filled pouches cost between 1.50-2.25 each.

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