Emmzoe Baby and Infant Disposable Travel Bibs - Leakproof, Unisex, One Size Fits All (50 Pack)

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Emmzoe Baby and Infant Disposable Travel Bibs help keep your little one nice and clean during meals without the fuss of having to hold on to the dirty bib to clean it later. Simply toss the bib after your child is done and be off on your way. Our bibs are perfect for feeding when traveling in cars or planes, at hotels or restaurants where laundry can’t be done, or even at home when you just don’t have a cloth one on hand or feel like dealing with messy bibs. Our disposable bibs are also great in bulk for restaurants, parties, gatherings, or other places and events with a large number of babies or young children, such as birthdays, ball games, barbecues, and more. Our bibs are designed to minimize mess and make cleanup a breeze. The adhesive strip design allows the bib to adjust to your child and makes it easy to put on and take off. Each bib is made with a combination of soft non-woven fabric, tissue paper, and waterproof film to provide comfort while worn while featuring strong leak protection and superior tear resistance. The design prevents liquids from soaking through while still being comfortable for your child to wear. A crumb catcher pouch in the front helps to catch small bits of food and liquids before they fall off the bib and onto your child’s clothes. The bibs come in a resealable package to make it easier to take on the go. The Specs: One size fits all Made from soft, non-woven fabric, tissue paper, and waterproof film. Pack of 50 in resealable bag. Keeps Kids Clean - Perfect for catching spills, drips, and solid foods that slip away when your child is eating. Crumb catcher pouch in front helps catch bits and pieces from getting on your child’s clothes. Easy to Use - Adhesive strip makes putting on the bib simple. For cleanup, simply fold up and toss away the bib after your child is done. No extra cleaning or drying required like with general cloth bibs. Strong and Soft - Made from a combination of fabric, tissue paper, and waterproof film to provide durable tear resistance and leak protection while still feeling comfortable when worn. Great On The Go - Comes in a resealable package that fits in purses or diaper bags. Perfect and convenient for travel in cars or vehicles, staying at hotels, dining in restaurants or public places, or just at home.


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