Baby Teething Toys - UNCLE WU Freezer Safe Soothing Teether

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So, your baby has grown up to run around, play hide and seek with your pets, throw away things on their way and do all those naughty little things that send you into a laughing spree. Wait, now that you realize that your baby is not just a breastfed newborn but a toddler now, take a closer look at his/her activities. Has your child started chewing whatever is in front of him/her? If yes, then open your tot’s mouth and try to find if the white monsters (milk teeth) have started erupting from the gums. If yes, then it is time you gave your child some chewing toys to satiate the craving for biting things, as teething is the time when children develop a tendency to chew on anything that they can get their hands on. We, at Unclewu, insist upon choosing only safe toys to satisfy their urge to chew on when their teeth start appearing. We bring to you an attractive set of teethers that are irresistibly attractive, hygienic and safe for your little one to chew.


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Freezer Safe Baby Teething Toys

25% off!