Petites Frites Eco-Friendly Baby Basics

ultra-soft fibers, a lighter footprint, and beautiful designs for the next generation

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Classic in shape and size, and even softer and gentler than you could ever dream, these darling Petites Frites baby blankets, teether blankies, and burp cloths also feature a revolutionary fabric blend that is supple, smooth, and easy on the environment. Free of harsh bleaches, and blended with natural cotton and Lyocell (a silky smooth natural textile produced in a nearly 100% closed-loop process that reduces waste), Petites Frites are modern redesigns of mama must-haves. From the large baby blanket to the playful teether blankie to the burp cloth 2-pack (slightly larger and perfect for Birthday Week gifting!), groovy babies and moms will love the creamy texture, delicious colors, and fresh Chevron patterns of Petites Frites.

Baby Blanket

Your baby will be the snuggest bunny on the block in Petites Frites’ baby blankets. Generously sized at 50” x 50” and the perfect mid-weight: warm but not too heavy. These blankets do it all for babies as easily as for toddlers: swaddle, playmat, sleep, cuddle, stroller, travel. Folds and rolls down to smaller than yoga mat size. Wide enough to be tucked securely under any standard crib or toddler bed mattress.

  • 71% unbleached cotton, 29% lyocell
  • colored with low-impact, baby-friendly dyes
  • made with love in the U.S.
  • measures 50” x 50”

Teether Blankie

Made from two layers of our ultra-soft signature fabric, this 12” x 12” blankie comes with four baby-friendly teethers attached at the corners: a natural (untreated) maple wooden ring, two pima cotton hand-crocheted shapes, and a cotton-stuffed gingham fabric star. All of the teethers are removable so you can easily exchange them for your baby’s pacifier, favorite chew toy or rattle.

  • 71% unbleached cotton, 29% lyocell
  • colored with low-impact, baby-friendly dyes
  • 4 removable teethers (wooden ring is untreated, colors may vary)
  • made with love in the U.S.
  • measures 12” x 12”
  • machine washable without wooden ring
  • to care for wooden ring, dip in boiling water to sterilize

Burp Cloth

Bless the burp cloth! But who says functional has to be boring? These burp cloths get the job done beautifully while staying stylish and chic. Their larger, specially designed size (19″ x 21″) also allow for multi-tasking as bandana-style bibs and an extra, super soft layer under your baby’s head in the crib.

  • 71% unbleached cotton, 29% lyocell
  • colored with low-impact, baby-friendly dyes
  • made with love in the U.S.
  • each burp cloth measures 19” x 21”

Signature Fabric

The custom-designed and developed fabric is a thick-gauge double-sided knit made from only natural fibers: unbleached cotton (71%) and Lyocell (29%). The chevron pattern makes our baby accessories right at home in any setting or environment. But the ‘hand’ (or feel) tells you instantly why it is as perfect for babies as it is for chic Mommies.

Cotton is well-known for its baby-friendly qualities and durability. Lyocell, an environmentally sustainable textile, is a biodegradable material made from wood pulp cellulose. It carries many wonderful baby-friendly qualities with its additional softness, breathability, resistance to wrinkles and quickness to dry. The result is a super lush, very absorbent, long-lasting fabric that feels, washes and wears as great as it looks … and is produced in the USA.

Petites Frites' products are 100% sourced and produced in the USA. It is also eco-friendly (fabric = unbleached cotton & Lyocell, a natural, sustainable fiber, packaging = minimalist and recycled, production = local, small carbon footprint). Their custom designed and developed fabric (milled in Los Angeles) is their #1 selling point because it is ultra-soft, has great baby-friendly qualities (the Lyocell helps make it perfect for sensitive skin: antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable and absorbent), and it both washes and dries beautifully. Even after many many times on hot & high!

Care Instructions

  • machine wash
  • tumble dry low

About Petites Frites

Petites Frites is: ultra chic, eco-friendly baby accessories with a bohemian twist, locally produced with love in the USA. The opposite of fussy, trendy or too cutesy-cutesy, our colorful versions of everyday staples like the bib and burp cloth represent timeless style and enduring quality.

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